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Data Processing

The StraightLine team knows that clean and dependable data is essential to the success of any direct mail campaign. Our data services division is truly a leader in our industry, providing sophisticated technology and unique services to our customers. It is our goal to maximize delivery of your mail and only to the most responsive targets.

Data Hygiene / Data Enhancement

  • Content identification/ Cleansing
  • CASS Certification and Postal Presorts (Standardization)
  • NCOA/Fast Forward (Postal Address Changes)
  • PCOA (Private Company Address Changes)
  • NIXIES (Undeliverable Addresses)
  • LACS (Address Correction System)
  • DSF (Delivery Point Confirmation)
  • AEC (Address Element Correction)
  • Deceased and Prison suppressions
  • ECOA*

*Our proprietary ECOA process culls out undeliverable addresses, phony names, and those records our 11 years of testing tells us just won't work. Then our system corrects and adds titles, appends apartment numbers, corrects misspellings, and applies vanity addresses (if your donor says he lives in Beverly Hills, do you really want to address his mail to Los Angeles?). From your first mailing we can increase your response even more with our proprietary Response Maximizer which will grade your file based on our 10 Characteristics of Responsive Households and remove the households least likely to respond.


  • Duplicate Elimination (Intra-List and List-to-List)
  • Suppression Match and Elimination
  • Individuals, Household and Unique Processing
  • Residential/Business Determination
  • Weighted and Prioritized Elimination
  • IDE*

*Intelligent Duplicate Elimination: Yet another proprietary program unique to our services is Intelligent Duplicate Elimination (IDE). We've morphed duplicate elimination way beyond a standard merge/purge. IDE looks for names and addresses that not only match but, with its sophisticated technology even determines they are just similar. IDE finds names and addresses that just sound similar. Imagine how your merge/purge would be if you could sit down and look through your records by hand. If you had two people named Smith in an apartment building you might mail them both. But two people named Lockenwhaat? Probably not. IDE can tell the difference. IDE can even prioritize the names going into your mailing by gender, address type, and deliverability. And IDE spreads your multis through your various drops to ensure you mail as many of the names you paid for as possible. You'll see an uptick in response with your first mailing with StraightLine.

USPS Postal Processing:

  • First, Standard and Periodical Sortation
  • Profit/Non-Profit
  • Postal Rate Qualification and Calculation
  • USPS Barcoding
  • USPS Postal Report and Tag Generation Preparation

StraightLine Postal Optimizer™:

  • Aggressive Entry Point Postal Analysis
  • BMC, SCF Drop Shipment Preparation
  • Mail.dat Formatting
  • Co-Mingling
  • Co-Palletization
  • Logistics Management
  • Customized Reporting

Data Base Services:

  • Customized