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StraightLine Direct Marketing

You're in great hands if you've got StraightLine managing your campaign!-Brian Dudley, Vice President, The Fidelis Group

StraightLine is reliable, innovative, and timely. Most important of all, I can trust them.-Nensi Fiorenini, Volunteer Americans

I use the team at StraightLine Direct Marketing for their superior service and great prices. They truly make a difference!-Sean Jester, Chain Bridge Collective

StraightLine is always offering new ways to save us money. They are true professionals.-Lou Ambrose, Civic Counsel



Printing is our forte! With three web presses and three Super Jet envelope presses, we can handle almost any of your printing needs in our production facility.

Two of our presses are 22" webs. But our claim to fame is our VIPER convertible web press (14" & 22") with all the "bells and whistles". It distinguishes us for its ability to produce full color materials with near Heidelberg quality but at "direct-mail friendly" prices. The Vipers sophisticated digital alignment capabilities results in 99.9% perfect registration.

The Viper also has a UV dry trap technology that individually inks and dries each color before the next is laid down. This ensures total color integrity and no more muddy colors or offset registrations.

StraightLine Print division also boasts three Super Jet envelope presses. These workhorses run around the clock to ensure that our customers receive these critical components on-time, every time. Super Jets can do quality two color work even on larger envelopes. Full bleed is possible on the front, regardless of size and even when perfecting up to 9x12. With speeds factory rated up to 60,000 per hour, our jets can produce over a million printed envelopes in one shift.

Our full color duplex digital presses can also allow for more creative customization. We can also produce color personalization.

Graphics Design

StraightLine is not an agency but we work with them as well as our other customers to ensure all print files are ready to go to press. We double check files for accuracy and formatting. Our graphic designers are experienced in all aspects of direct mail design. We can even modify existing package designs or design all new packages based on your needs, always adhering to USPS standards and regulations.